We are proud to announce the launch of two recipes app! These apps, Weeknight Recipes and Gluten Free Weeknight Recipes, were built with families in mind. The recipes found within these apps should appease any young or mature appetite.

Weeknight Recipes

itunesartworkFast, fun, and delicious family meals. Let’s get cooking!

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After a day at the office, the biggest challenge I face is coming home to the inevitable “What’s for dinner?” dilemma. Time after time I have tried to remedy the problem by conducting a meal search only to be bombarded with dishes that are using ingredients I’ve never even heard of. These types of recipes are foods that my kids will pick up, look at, and drop on the floor. That led to all too many nights of grabbing dinner out or rustling up a less-than-healthy meal.

Desperate for a solution to the workday menu madness, I set about on a mission to create recipes that were fun, fast and healthy but most of all, family-friendly. In this app, you will find meals, snacks, appetizers, crockpot recipes, and desserts. These recipes are all made from things you may already have in your kitchen or can easily find at your local grocery store, not with crazy unheard of ingredients that can only be found lurking at the back aisles of creepy restaurants.

I now look forward to coming home from work to fast, fun and delicious meals with my family. I believe you and your family will enjoy them too. So, let’s get cooking, shall we?

Gluten Free Weeknight Recipes

icon-rounded110+ Recipes, 6 Categories, Gluten Free.

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Welcome to Gluten Free Weeknight Recipes! This app was built for all of us that are always on the lookout for gluten free recipes. With a number of recipes, separated out by 6 categories, you will find something that is easy to prepare, cook, and eat.

Gluten-Free Made Easy

This app has broken down each recipe into the following categories: Breakfast, Dinner, Sides, Smoothie, Snacks, and Soup/Salads. While browsing each recipe, you can save the recipe as a favorite for quick viewing later on. You can also use the app as a cooking aide and check off items that you have already added.

Recipes and Ideas

Gluten Free Weeknight Recipes offers over 110 recipes to help you with your gluten free diet. With recipes using yummy vegetables like Eggplant to delicious stir-fry, you can be sure to find something to suit your tastes. You also have access to a set of exclusive guides that can help you learn more about nutrition and foods.

Help with Shopping

Need help with shopping? We’ve got you covered. You can add all of the ingredients from a recipe to your shopping list with a simple tap of a button.

Please note, while our best effort has been taken to ensure all recipes are gluten free, you should consult your physician or health care professional before using these recipes to determine if they are right for your needs.