Many of us like to cook or wants to venture on cooking by trying new recipes and we usually do this by finding lots of familiar and unfamiliar recipes on cooking books and the internet. Books will give us a limited list and you need to take time searching in the internet about these recipes through a website of your choice. This is the reason why apps are really heaven sent because it gives us the convenience to make a meal or a meal plan by just using our phones with or without an internet access.

Weeknight Recipes app is one of those helpful apps that will give you easy access to hundreds of recipes. It is very easy and convenient to use, you may even list your favorite recipes by tapping the heart icon so you won’t have to find it again on categories the time you’re ready to cook it.

Available categories:

– Breakfast

– Lunch

– Dinner

– Desserts

– Chicken recipes

– Crockpot recipes

– Burgers

– Sides


– Over 150 recipes and counting

– Easy and fast to prepare

– list your favorite by tapping the heart icon to refer for later

– Beautiful pictures of each recipes

– Perfect for any occasions and for the whole family.


You can download this recipe app on iTunes and also on Google Play.