Most of our kids these days are really into sports. Sports are great for children because it provides many benefits, both mental and physical aspects. Engaging in sports also improves self-esteem, social skills and academic success.

With all these benefits, parents are the ones who takes a huge part in achieving a successful result. Aside from parents’ physical and emotional supports kids can get during their games, a kind of support in making their kids healthy and ready for the game is also essential. One of these preparation is making sure that kids eat healthy before the game, more specifically, a night before.

Your kids need carbohydrates to ensure that their energy is boosted. Pasta is one source of carbohydrates as well as rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Protein is also important because it keeps the muscles function well. Protein sources are eggs, meat, seafoods, chicken and dairy foods. Adequate fluid intake is also necessary which can be milk, fruit juice and water. This ensures adequate hydration.

We have listed few recipes below which you can use as a guide in preparing a meal a night before the big game. 


Seafood pasta – A recipe which is high in carbohydrates as well as protein with its seafood ingredients.


Chicken With Rice – Rice is also high in carbohydrates which is also incorporated with Chicken that is also a good source of protein.


Tropic Fruit Salad – Fruits are not just healthy, they are also delicious which you can also use as a dessert for your champion


Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Drink – This is a power drink that is bursting with vitamins and minerals, a perfect drink for your kids and the whole family.


Deviled Eggs – A perfect source of protein and essential nutrients. This is great for a side dish.