It is very important that individuals must eat everyday. But this doesn’t mean that we must eat whatever we like without even concentrating on what must we eat to achieve the best nutrition we can get from those foods. Having a list of your nutrition goals will really help you concentrate on what foods you should eat and what activities you must do on a daily basis for you to have the best results in achieving your goals.

If you are already a pro in listing your nutrition goals, these list below might as well be a perfect addition.

  • There must be plenty of carbohydrates rich foods throughout each day.

Our body needs carbohydrates every day because as we all know, this nutrient is the main source of energy. Without carbohydrates, our body won’t be able to do workouts to maintain or achieve our ideal body weight or even survive for a day at work. Carbohydrates is also important for sporty kids in your family for them to have energy while engaging in sports. Aside from carbohydrates, fats and proteins are also essential. These two nutrients also gives energy that our body needs.

  • Eat little but often

Eating plenty and often ensures that your blood sugar is at normal level. A normal blood sugar level is less than 100mg/dl after not eating for 8 hours and less than 140mg/dl 2 hours after eating. Eating too much will increase your blood sugar levels and eating too little will lower its level, eating little and often is one strategy to avoid lower and higher levels.

  • Maintain adequate hydration

Drinking adequate fluids all throughout the day will help maintain proper hydration. Water is the most important liquid our body needs, our body depends on water to survive, without water our body will not work its functions properly. The ideal amount of water to avoid dehydration is 6-8 glasses every day.

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

Studies says that eating fruits and vegetables will decrease the risk of having ailments. More fruits and vegetable intake means more fiber, vitamins and minerals our body needs. Eating salads and fruit cocktails are some ways to enjoy the habit of eating these produce.

  • Consider getting enough quality sleep

Sleep also plays an important role in having good health throughout life. Lack of sleep affects how you work, react to situations, think, as well as learn. Adequate sleep will help maintain healthy brain functions and emotional well-being.