If you’re trying to eat a healthy diet, denying a sweet tooth is somehow easier said than done. But there are still plenty of ways on how to enjoy sweets without harming your health. These are ways that will help you turn your dessert from occasional indulgence to everyday treat.

Although you already have your favorite recipes, it is easy to make little changes to make your dessert a bit better for your diet. One way is by reducing some ingredients that are high in calories and fats. Below are some tips to begin with.

#1 Reduce sugar

One best way to make your dessert healthier is to cut back on using sugar within the recipe. This way, you can automatically reduce calories and carbohydrates.

#2 Substitute ingredients

Honey and Maple syrup can be a substitute for sugar. This way, you will then make your dessert sweet but healthy. If you’re using sugar to sweeten your smoothies, you can eliminate sugar by using banana instead. You can also use apple sauce to replace half of the oil or shortening and even butter. Instead of using whole milk which adds more calories and fats to your dessert, you can use lower fat milk. You may also use low fat non-dairy milk or soy milk.

#3 No more extras

If the recipe you have uses extra ingredient, you can actually eliminate those without hurting the taste of the recipe. Examples for these are using extra glazes for your donuts or putting more icing in your cakes. Enough amounts of this toppings and coatings will still make your desserts taste the same and delectable.