Did you ever think of growing some vegetables in your backyard? Isn’t it better to grow, harvest and feel some gardening accomplishments and be 100% free from chemicals?

There is really an undeniable joy in growing your own produce. Some people already thought of gardening but others don’t know the most important vegetables to grow. The list below shows the top five vegetables you can grow in your garden. You can also check our list of recipes here where you can use these vegetables for a dish.

#1 Garlic

Garlic is easy to grow and only needs little maintenance. The best part of having garlic is that it can be used in many different ways. You can either use it for your dish as food flavoring or even as a natural remedy. And you can actually grow them in little pots or containers.

# 2 Onions

Just like garlic, onions grow easily as well. You only need a sunny point and a weed free area to grow onions. Unlike garlic, onions need special attention especially with drainage. Onions need a very fertile and moist soil for the roots to easily penetrate and grow.

#3 Salad Leaves

Almost every people love salads, and salad leaves are the most popular ingredient. When these leaves were planted in your garden during summer, you can actually harvest them a few weeks later. You and your family can then enjoy the crunch, and guess what? These leaves grow continuously so you can have them for a long period of time.

#4 Tomatoes

If you are a beginner with gardening, growing tomatoes is a way to start. Even kids can plant tomatoes in a pot, a box, or a basket then place it on windows to get some sunlight. It needs constant maintenance like watering them every day and some sun.

#5 Potatoes

Potatoes are classic staple and one of the most versatile vegetable. You can actually grow them on small spaces. They can grow in special bags, sacks or make your own potato tower filled with compost. Watering is the only maintenance chore you’ll be doing.