Summer is here and it’s grilling time! If you are looking for a great recipe for chicken on the grill, take a look at our simple spicy and zesty chicken recipe. This recipe is perfect for hot summer evenings. However, grilling does also bring about the risk of food poisoning. Food poisoning can be a life-threatening problem so preventing it is essential. Here are some tips that you might want to consider to help avoid food poisoning this summer:

  • Thoroughly wash all produce. One of the most important guidelines is to wash all the produce. Dry them with paper towels instead of drying them by room air. Studies shows that you will get more bacteria off your produce than if you let it air dry.
  • A clean working surface is essential. Use different cutting boards for your meat and vegetables. You don’t want to use the same cutting board for your chicken that you’ll throw off the grill and then cut vegetables on the same board right? If there’s only one cutting board available, make sure you’ll wash it thoroughly before using it for other food. And also, use different knives.
  • Use Right Temperature. Temperature also matters. If you want your food hot, then keep them hot, and if you want your food cold, then you should keep them cold. Cook Turkey and Chicken to 165 degrees. This temperature is the safe minimum cooking temperature for chicken and will help keep your family healthy. As with fresh steak, cook it to 145 degrees.

With these tips, you can avoid sitting on the couch and enjoy the summer. If you ever experience common signs of food illness, please consult your doctor or physician for further assessment. These professionals know the best way of treatment.