Just wait until your family sets sail on this delightful dinner boat. It’s a fun combination of the goodness of the sea and the earth. Children love tuna and if yours aren’t especially fond of vegetables, you can sneak them right in this yummy dish. For kids that love pirates (and what kids don’t?), there are a number of ways you can make this meal festive. The kids will be all on-board when you help them make pirate eye-patches. Simply draw the shape of the patch from a black piece of construction paper and then cut it out. Use a hole-puncher to make two holes on either side to thread a strand of elastic, thin ribbon or string through. Or, you can find a printable pirate hat online to print out and assemble. The possibilities are endless when it comes to things to do with your buckaroos that will make this meal a booty-ful time together.

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