The avocado is an amazing fruit. Full of pantothenic acid, dietary fiber, vitamin K, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin E, vitamin C, and more more, the avocado can be a staple in your diet.  In fact, the avocado contains around 20 vitamins and minerals.

If you are worried about the avocado being high in fat, don’t be.  Although it anywhere from 77%- 88% of its make-up is in fat, the kind of fat it contains ,oleic acid, a  monounsaturated fatty acid, is actually a very good one.  It helps keep our hearts healthy and has been linked to preventing cancer as well.

Sometimes endearingly referred to as “the alligator fruit” due to its appearance, the avocado is often considered to be a “super food”.   It’s not only loaded with nutrients and oleic acid, it contains a lot of fiber as well.

The avocado has a delectable flavor and the texture is soft and velvety.  It is very filling and compliments a good number of other foods.  For all these reasons and then some, the avocado is one of my favorite foods to cook with and of course, is a favorite to eat as well.